Friday, April 20, 2018

WONGIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: kylie minogue feat gente de zona - stop me from falling

kylie minogue feat gente de zona - stop me from falling
oh the total joy of this kylie minogue remix! shot lovingly in cuba by director sophie muller, the pop diva has managed to merge her current jaunt of country sounds with the reggaeton vocals of gente de zona to create one of the happiest things you'll see this weekend! what a perfect upgrade from the original track!

WONGIE SOUL POP SONG OF THE WEEK: zak abel - love song

zak abel - love song
one of my fave male soul voices of the past few years hails from north london and has been cranking out tracks that have been celebrated on this site constantly. zak abel now returns with the highly catchy 'love song' produced by hitmaker steve mac (ed sheeran) and well it's been playing on repeat since it was released a few weeks back. now we get a video to boot! it's time for this guy to hit it big, i just feel it!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

LIVE PERFORMANCE: Beyonce @ Coachella 2018 (#BeyChella)

Beyonce’s Coachella 2018 Set List
1. “Crazy in Love”
2. “Freedom” Interlude with “Lift Every Voice and Sing” (Poem by James Weldon Johnson)
3. “Formation”
4. “Sorry” / “Me, Myself, & I”
5. “Bow Down” / “I Been On”
6. “Drunk in Love”
7. “Diva”
8. “***Flawless.” / “Feeling Myself” / “Top Off”
9. “7/11″

10. “Don’t Hurt Yourself”
11. “I Care”
12. “Partition / “Yonce”
13. “Mi Gente”
14. “Baby Boy” / “You Don’t Love Me”
15. “Hold Up” / “Countdown”
16. “Check On It”
17. “Deja Vu” with Jay Z

18. “Who Run the World”
19. “Lose My Breath” with Destiny’s Child
20. “Say My Name” with Destiny’s Child
21. “Soldier” with Destiny’s Child
22. “Get Me Bodied” with a dance break from Bey and Solange Knowles
23. “Single Ladies”
24. “Love on Top”

Friday, April 13, 2018

WONGIE INDIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: superorganism - night time

superorganism - night time
the uk based multi national superorganism posse have chosen this insta-catchy number from their self titled debut album as their new single! lead singer orono continues to compel with her deadpan vocals surrounded by a room full of uber talented multi-hypenates who are definitely older than her 17 years of age. which is probably why we love them so much!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

WONGIE SONG OF THE WEEK: florence + the machine - sky full of song

florence + the machine - sky full of song
do i even need to write anything? it's the first new track by florence + the machine since 2016! it's also wonderfully restrained and feels almost praise like in it's deliverance. it's lovely and our fave song this week. welcome back!

ON OUR RADAR: #25SongsToObsessOver

there's just SO MUCH good music these days that i decided to just do a blowout playlist of current hits, new jams and some tracks that are on constant repeat on my spotify playlist. you might know these tracks, but hey, play it in the background for your enjoyment or maybe you'll discover somethin along the way! enjoy!

1. janelle monae feat grimes - pynk
2. kacey musgraves - high horse
3. king princess - 1950
4. bazzi - mine
5. - nostalgia
6. calvin harris feat dua lipa - one kiss
7. zak abel - love song
8. sza - broken clocks
9. maren morris - rich
10. kawala - do it like you do
11. x ambassadors - stolen car
12. editors - hallelujah (so low)
13. a$ap rocky feat moby - a$ap forever
14. diplo feat lil xan - color blind
15. louis the child feat joey purp - shake something
16. seinabo sey feat jacob banks - remember
17. lake street dive - i can change
18. cam - palace (sam smith cover)
19. gallant - gentleman
20. leon bridges - bet ain't worth the hand
21. shallou x kasbo w/cody lovaas - find
22. delaporte - me encanta
23. james tw - say love
24. james bay - us (acoustic)
25. ray lamontagne - such a simple thing

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

WONGIE INDIE DANCE SONG OF THE WEEK: dj snake - magenta riddim

dj snake - magenta riddim
featuring a riddim heavily inspired by indian music, it's nice that dj snake also went to india to shoot the colorful video by vania heymann & gal muggia. it's wacky with a nice little twist at the end, but doesn't stop you from dancing along to this wonderful jam!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

WONGIE SONG OF THE WEEK: janelle monae feat grimes - pynk

janelle monae feat grimes - pynk
though i'm not sure if the grimes version is the one for the video, but either way janelle monae's new single 'pynk' definitely celebrates womyn in all their glory! directed by emma westenberg the awesome video also marks the return of hot actress tessa thompson who also co-starred in the epic prince inspired smash 'make me feel' (see below). the whole thing celebrates pussy power which is definitely cause for major happiness!

janelle monae - make me feel
don't know why i never posted my love for this song, but it's definitely one of my favorites of the year!!

janelle monae - django jane
and just an example of how diverse the upcoming 'dirty computer' album is going to sound, here is janelle in boss mode!

Sunday, April 08, 2018

WONGIE FUTURE HIP HOP SONG OF THE WEEK: louis the child feat joey purp - shake something

louis the child feat joey purp - shake something
we've been on this deep bass hip hop track by chicago dj duo louis the child for a good month, but now the cool track gets an official video with fellow chicogo-an joey purp in the mix. it's soooo good and still makes me crazy after repeated listens!

Saturday, April 07, 2018

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: drake - nice for what

drake - nice for what
truth of the matter, there isn't enough time to showcase all the fabulous beautiful women (tho where the asian stars at?), but drake's lauren hill 'ex-factor' sampled new track does a good period trying. directed by karena evans the video must have been a logistical miracle to get all the 16 actresses, but the final result of this awesome surprise track is worth a couple of repeat viewings!

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

WONGIE BALLAD OF THE WEEK: lake street dive - i can change

lake street dive - i can change
normally when you hear a lake street dive song, you're expecting an upbeat fun retro jam led by the thick soulful vocal of rachael price. so imagine my surprise listening to their new single 'i can change' from their upcoming album 'free yourself up'. instead of a jazzy four piece number, it's a thoughtful acoustic ballad which strips down their sound to just rachael and a guitar. it's immensely lovely and tells me that the new album will be expanding their talents to incorporate some new sounds. yaaay!

but don't fret, you can still listen to rachael soul out vocally on their album's 1st release 'good kisser':

lake street dive - good kisser (live)

and since we're such big fans, here is the song that introduced me to this glorious posse:

lake street dive - you go down smooth (live)

Monday, April 02, 2018

WONGIE SOUL SONG(s) OF THE WEEK: leon bridges - bad bad news / bet ain't worth the hand

leon bridges - bad bad news
directed by natalie rea and starring the gorgeous paloma elsesser, this jazzy groove jam marks an updated sound from the soul crooner that has diehard fans learning how to process potentially dancing to his music from now on. all this makes his upcoming album 'good thing' very exciting for the rest of us who are more than happy to go along with whatever musical direction he's taking us on.

leon bridges - bet ain't worth the hand
[UPDATE 4/2: check out the video premiere of this dreamy video!] ok fine, you want retro soul, you got it! leon channels the spirit of the doo wop era with lush orchestrations of the 60's thrown in. it's gorgeous and marks a perfect bookend of what's to come on this album. so excited!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

WONGIE POP SONG(s) OF THE WEEK: shawn mendes - in my blood / lost in japan

shawn mendes - in my blood
welcome to the power ballad section of the shawn mendes discography! at it's midnight release fans were given a nice surprise new single that starts off like an acoustic ballad but kicks into full on rock pop territory that showcases a possible more adventurous direction with his upcoming album. we shall see, until then, play. swoon. repeat.

shawn mendes - lost in japan
a week later, shawn gave his best soulful pop presentation in the form of 'lost in japan', offering a breezy jam that is more than what basic folks are calling a JT knockoff. this song is just a solid number that easily will play through the rest of the summer. love this!!

WONGIE VIDEO OF THE WEEK: sigrid - raw (live)

sigrid - raw (live)
the simplicity of the video is what is so wonderful about it all. not only does it showcase a new song, but i love the fact that sigrid has the confidence to sing it totally live while doing a walk through in a day of her life. there's a reason why she was chosen as the sound of 2018 by the bbc and this video further cements her as star in the making! love it!

Monday, March 19, 2018

WONGIE FUTURE SOUL SONG OF THE WEEK: seinabo sey - i owe you nothing / feat jacob banks - remember

seinabo sey - i owe you nothing
oh what wonderful imagery from director sheila johansson to showcase swedish singer seinabo sey's awesome return single 'i owe you nothing'. building slowly til a full on choir kicks in by the end, seinabo is playing with the sound of soul by giving it a bare bones alt twist that is distinctly all hers. i've been a fan since her last album and i gotta say, this kicks it up a major notch! turn it up!!!

want more? as part of the double a single, check out the gorgeously sparse 'remember' duet featuring the amazing jacob banks below:

seinabo sey feat jacob banks - remember
OH MY GOSH this duet is soooo good!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

VIDEO PREMIERE: taylor swift - delicate

taylor swift - delicate
after taking herself way to seriously the past few videos, our girl taylor has reunited with director joseph kahn (again!) and is dancing her way back in our collective hearts with goofy movements and facial adorkability. it helps that this song is awesome too (one of our faves of last year). the only problem is the barefoot situation (LA is not clean taylor!) so hopefully she disinfected those feet by the end of the shoot! 

Friday, March 09, 2018

WONGIE SONG OF THE WEEK: mnek - tongue

mnek - tongue
THIS SONG IS SO FABULOUS!!! though we've been longtime fans of mnek, 'tongue' feels like a song by an artist totally embracing his power and going full steam whether we're ready for it or not! oh and he even dances in this video! turn it up and watch mnek come into his own.

WONGIE SOUL POP SONG OF THE WEEK: john newman - fire in me

john newman - fire in me
after taking a 2 year break, soulful baritone john newman comes back blazin with this insta catchy new single 'fire in me'. throw in an equally passionate video (who knew john could act!) and you've got the makings of a big hit that'll happily play through the summer. it's a welcome return and i can't wait to hear what else he's got up his sleeve this time around. nice one this!

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

WONGIE DANCE SONG OF THE WEEK: metroplane feat bree runway - word of mouth

metroplane feat bree runway - word of mouth
metroplane is actually the side project between dj/producers alex metric and aeroplane. after having club success with the insanely catchy 'bahp', they've now gone and added vocals by bree runway and is paving the way for a proper crossover dance pop success story. it definitely works cause i've been listening to this (loudly mind you) on repeat since discovering it a few days back. TURN IT UP!!!

wanna hear the original without bree's vocals? here is 'bahp'

metroplane - bahp

VIDEO PREMIERE: years & years - sanctify

years & years - sanctify
it's the return of olly and his gang! the synth pop trio bring their 1st single 'sanctify' with a high concept video set in the futuristic palo santo where humans are captured to bring entertainment to  androids (can't wait to see where the rest of the story will lead to). the song itself is an uber catchy electronic soul number that we've come to love so much from these guys! welcome back!!

WONGIE INDIE DANCE SONG OF THE WEEK: simian mobile disco feat deep throat choir - hey sister

simian mobile disco feat deep throat choir - hey sister
as part of a three part video series, 'hey sister' falls perfectly in the middle of the emotional dance odyssey and has the benefit of being voiced by the amazing deep throat choir. taken off their upcoming new album murmurations, simian mobile disco have released a dance track that is both wonderfully haunting and surprising! definitely my favorite song this week!

Friday, March 02, 2018

NEW P!NK: p!nk - whatever you want

p!nk - whatever you want
giving us a look into pink's behind the scenes world, one forgets how much work goes into being an A-list performer of her caliber. culminating in her recent superbowl cough drop moment this video really is a celebration of a year in the life. oh what a life!

WONGIE INDIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: george ezra - pretty shining people

george ezra - pretty shining people
oh the build up to the insta catchy chorus of george ezra's new single 'pretty shining people' is just wondrous! i haven't been too enamored of the first few tracks from his upcoming 'staying at tamara's' album, but this just makes up for it all! we are indeed all right together! welcome back george!

NEW LUCY ROSE: lucy rose - all that fear

lucy rose - all that fear
singer / songwriter lucy rose finally offers up her popular album track as a proper release for the fans. taken from the album 'something's changing' which seems to have an endless amount of gems to choose from, lucy is finishing up a successful world tour by finishing up in the US the next few weeks. the woman is great live so check her out if you get the chance!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

wongieFM: ON OUR RADAR - #TwelveSongsToChillOn

since it's the weekend, i felt it would be nice to offer a nice playlist of some current 'chilled' tracks that i've been listening to lately. it's a pretty diverse list mixed with indie bands, a sprinkle of kpop (god i love that suzy song!), singer songwriters and just flat out electro pop that we love so much!  they're all quite wonderful so press play, experience some feels (ed sheeran & the boxer rebellion..oof!) and enjoy and chill on this eclectic batch!

1. the naked and the famous - young blood (stripped)
2. isaac gracie - last words (live & acoustic)
3. manchester orchestra and julien baker - bad things to such good people (pedro the lion cover)
4. james bay - wild love
5. betty who - ignore me
6. suzy - sober
7. troye sivan - my my my (acoustic)
8. ed sheeran - supermarket flowers (live from the brits 2018)
9. the boxer rebellion - here i am
10. dma's - in the air
11. vance joy - take your time
12. superorganism - reflections on the screen

Saturday, February 17, 2018

NEW BRANDI CARLILE!: brandi carlile - the joke

brandi carlile - the joke
we've been in love with this song since last year and even christened it one of our fave songs of 2017  , but with the release of her new excellent album 'by the way i forgive you' it's nice to see an official video to the anthem! the visuals are pretty simple but emotionally effective, which definitely continues to give continued life to this battle cry of a song. LOVE it! #TheJokesOnThem

I LOVE DRAKE!: drake - god's plan

drake - god's plan
you gotta give it up to drake, spending almost 1 million on donations, grants and just flat out cash money gifts, he spends the whole 'god's plan' video dancing away like a happy santa. it's highly moving and simple and makes everyone love drake even more!

Friday, February 16, 2018

HOT SOUNDTRACK! kendrick lamar, sza - all the stars / the weeknd - pray for me / jay rock, future, james blake - king's dead (OST black panther)

kendrick lamar, sza - all the stars (OST black panther)
damn! the dave meyers directed video has SO many beautiful images to look at! with the movie coming out next week worldwide, the kendrick produced soundtrack kicks off the crazy buzz with this lovely sza collab. by the weekend we'll be able to hear the rest of this collection and check out how james blake, khalid, anderson paak & jorja smith sound when inspired by what some are already calling one of the best marvel superhero films ever.

want a peek? check out the weeknd track below:

kendrick lamar, the weeknd - pray for me

[UPDATE 2/15]

kendrick lamar, jay rock, future, james blake - king's dead
OH MY GOSH, with the soundtrack officially out, this collab with rappers jay rock & future is kind of incredible!!! their phrases are sooo good and this video! the soundtrack just keeps on giving!!!

HOT SOUNDTRACK: bleachers - alfie's song (not so typical love song) / khalid & normani - love lies (OST love simon)

bleachers - alfie's song (not so typical love song) (OST love simon)
executive producing the soundtrack for the upcoming lgbt teenage rom com 'love simon', jack antonoff surprised fans with the 1st release from the collection via a link and it's a pop gem! featuring new songs by troye sivan, amy shark and a duet between 5th harmony's normani kordei & khalid, 'alfie's song' is the perfect kick off to what already looks like a sweet fun hit film for the spring!

[UPDATE 2/15: check out highly teased duet between khalid & fifth harmony's normani below!]

khalid & normani - love lies

LOVE THIS!: frank ocean - moon river

frank ocean - moon river
out of nowhere frank ocean released this beautiful cover version of 'moon river' to the world. turns out we needed this dreamy moment in our lives after all.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

WONGIE POP BALLAD OF THE WEEK: lauv - getting over you

lauv - getting over you
released as a surprise single on valentines day, singer/songwriter lauv just gave the heartbroken an anthem to lose themselves in. doesn't help that the synth pop ballad is so damn catchy and continues to show what a wonderful writer ari is. love this!!!

Monday, February 12, 2018

WONGIE SONG OF THE WEEK: dodie - secret for the mad

dodie - secret for the mad
it's really rare that a youtuber crosses over onto my radar, but i've been recently introduced to dodie (aka dorothy miranda "dodie" clark) who had a popular channel performing covers but now is creating buzz with her own creations. case in point, the current single 'secret for the mad' comes from her UK top 10 EP 'you' and is ballsy in that it's whole construct is just a simple piano note, layered vocal harmonies culminating in a really gorgeous choir at the end. i'm kind of obsessed! listen to dodie's other songs, cause they are pretty darn good and kicks off an exciting year for this singer/songwriter/youtuber!

Saturday, February 10, 2018


cam - diane
[UPDATED 2/9: almost 5 months from it's audio release (and making it in our fave songs of last year list) cam FINALLY puts out an official video for her infidelity anthem that still sounds just as exciting and fresh after all these months! hopefully this video release also allows for the song to be a massive hit as well!]

here's what i wrote back in october:
what i've always loved about singer/songwriter cam is that you can hear the wide variety of influences in her music that definitely allows her to straddle various genres and not JUST 'country music'. with 'diane', you can just hear her love of joyous harmonies that made fleetwood mac and indigo girls such favorite singalong bands. what a wonderful song for your weekend (even though it's about a philanderer!)

Friday, February 09, 2018

WONGIE SONG OF THE WEEK: cautious clay - cold war (acoustic)

cautious clay - cold war (acoustic)
after falling in love with cautious clay last month, josh has decided to offer a live version of his release 'cold war' and it's AMAZING!!! just press play and get drawn into his brilliant single which ends with a wonderful sax solo (A SAX SOLO!!!). easily my fave act of 2018 so far, hope he gets on your radar too!

WONGIE JAM OF THE WEEK: calvin harris feat partynextdoor - nuh ready nuh ready

calvin harris feat partynextdoor - nuh ready nuh ready
this is a nice surprise, after putting out the superstar collab project 'funk wav bounces vol 1', calvin is embarking on a whole new sound kicking off with this island jam led by partynextdoor. throw in the trippy 80's beta feel video and you've got yourself one of the insta catchy songs of the week! wind down to this people!!

Monday, February 05, 2018

WONGIE CHILL JAM SONG OF THE WEEK: cashmere cat, major lazer, tory lanez - miss you

cashmere cat, major lazer, tory lanez - miss you
set over a mellow tropical groove, this chill jam was originally going to be a track on tory lanez album, but was scrapped cause it just never quite sounded right. apparently it took a quick try right before a live performance that perfected this seemingly simple song. yaaay for quick tries cause it's just lovely!

[UPDATED with official video which isn't a good as the 'vertical' version]

WONGIE DANCE SONG OF THE WEEK: petit biscuit feat lido - problems

petit biscuit feat lido - problems
petit biscuit (aka mehdi benjelloun) has not only come up in the past two years as a wonderful dance producer, but also released some gorgeous tracks that made it to our best songs of 2017 list. finally releasing a video for his collaboration with fellow dance producer lido (he got him to sing vocals!), this 18 year old talent is bound for bigger things in the coming year. LOVE this song!

WONGIE INDIE SONG OF THE WEEK: born ruffians - miss you


born ruffians - miss you
marking the 3rd video of their video trilogy (directed by leah fay goldstein & peter dreimanis), born ruffians offer up a beautiful singalong heartbreak song that highlights their upcoming new album 'uncle, duke & the chief). love these guys! if you want to see parts 1&2 watch the videos below:


born ruffians - love too soon


born ruffians - forget me

wongieFM: ON OUR RADAR ( #JamsToJamTo2018 )

once again, the amount of new songs being released on a weekly basis is pretty overwhelming. so i've gone ahead and collected some jams from either new artists or some buzzy tracks that you should have on your radar. of course these and loads more are on the wongieFM carmix 2018 playlist that is updated weekly (please follow it). but as a taster, check out this 18 song playlist first, hope you find something cool in the process!

sylvan esso - parad(w/m)e
peking duk - wasted
young fathers - in my view
cloves - bringing the house down
middle kids - mistake
wye oak - the louder i call, the faster it runs
moon taxi - two high
st. beauty - caught
ravyn lenae - sticky
chloe howl - do it alone
anais - nina
the lost brothers - echoes in the wind
fenne lily - on hold
st. beauty - not discuss it
kiesza vs malinchak - mother
mabel & not3s - fine line
cliq - wavey
mella dee - techno disco tool

Sunday, February 04, 2018

SUPERBOWL LII PERFORMANCES: p!nk - national anthem / justin timberlake - halftime show

p!nk - national anthem
battling a bad flu, there were rumors that pink struggled through her final dress rehearsal a few days back. but pink is a monster and she came out strong performing the national anthem in front of the world before the superbowl kicked off (and yes that was a throat lozenges she took out before singing ;)

justin timberlake - halftime show
you can criticize JT all you want about how he didn't bring janet jackson back or even throw in an n'sync gathering, but at the end of it all, the man sure knows how to throw a tight medley party that gets the audience going. plus he makes it look so easy! (loved the prince tribute midway too) all in all, a great job!

WONGIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: kylie minogue - dancing

kylie minogue - dancing
[UPDATED with video!] it's the return of kylie!!!!!! the new easy on the ears pop jam gives us a world where kylie channels dolly parton if she were a country pop star today. co-written by amy wadge (ed sheeran) & sky adams (barns courtney) this number kicks off kylie's new album 'golden' which promises tracks that's on par with us celebrating 30 years of her in the business. this is a GREAT start!